Photo Manipulation - from Profile to Propaganda

Photo Manipulation - from Profile to Propaganda

Photos are crystal clear capture of reality. Could there be a reason to manipulate the natural content? Yes, the thirst of human creativity will never end. The sheer intent to add glory to the truth revealed us all the manipulation techniques with which the imaginations are unleashed.

Color balance is a manipulation technique in which colors combinations are biased to the editor's choice. This technique will add abstract look to images. Increasing the presence of a specified color, say beige, will make the photo look retro. Improvise the existence of specific colors give the photo a particular effect.

Brush and strokes are unique features of Photoshop. Image editing tools contain default brushes to create the magic. This is supported by loads of brushes available free in the Internet to be downloaded and used to perfection. These brushes can be used to create smoke effect, flowers, frames etc. The list goes on and it is up to the editor to choose the best for photo...
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