Technology and Camera News for Digital Life

Technology and Camera News for Digital Life

As Apple iPhone lovers,you must get the iPhone 5 and know everything about iPhone news.Apple iPad mini or New iPad has become the hot purchase for Mac users.

Though iPad iPhone announced to supported avi format video,it can only play avi that called Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) codec.For all other AVI's containing other codecs, you will have to download a third converter.

Kvisoft Video Converter can convert avi files to Apple devices,such as iPad mini/iPad 4/iPad/iPad2/iTunes/iPhone 5/iPhone 4s/iPod Touch/Apple TV.To play avi files on iPad/iPhone apps,you need to download video converter from

Next step,you need import your avi files to AVI to iPad/iPhone Converter.Open the Kvisoft video converter software,you only click Add File(s) button.

Then,choose the iPad/iPhone as output video format.

Finally,start conversion and hit the Convert tab is OK.

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