rap beats

rap beats

After purchase you'll receive your leasing agreement & rap beats instantly to your email. No waiting!

LEASING INFO: The Price's here are to help up & coming artists who have very little money and needs beats. You can use the beats however you like... Radio, video, mixtape, album, itunes etc. Sell up to 5000 copies & keep 100% of your sales. (You do not own the beat). Tracks are produced in a state of the art studio with all the latest & classic sounds. Your getting high quality instrumental beats at 320kbps. Beats are professionally mixed & engineered. Just add your vocals on the track. Remember to please give production credit to Jamel at loudrapbeats.com Enjoy!



  Highest Quality Production for Mixtapes, Album's and Video's.   

If You Need Beats For Your Mixtape's, Album's or Video's Then Look No Further. By purchasing from us, you will have made the right decision. Our company has been in operation for a long time now....
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