TEA2025B - Stereo Audio Amplifier | Hqew.net

TEA2025B - Stereo Audio Amplifier | Hqew.net


The TEA2025B is a monolithic integrated circuit in 12+2+2 Powerdip and 12+4+4 SO, intended for use as dual or bridge power audio amplifier portable radio cassette players.


TEA2025B  Features


•Dual or Bridge Connection Modes•Few External Components•Supply Voltage Down to 3V•High Channel Separation•Very  Low Switch On/Off Noise•Max Gain of 45dB With Adjust External Resistor•Soft Clipping•Thermal Protection•3V < VCC < 15V•P = 2•1W, VCC = 6V, RL = 4W•P = 2 •2.3W, VCC = 9V, RL = 4W•P = 2 •0.1W, VCC = 3V, RL = 4W
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