Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore

Spring/Summer 2014 


It’s about time



For Spring/Summer 2014, Andrea Moore takes the Vanitas still-life painting style of 17th Century Europe and gives it a thoroughly modern Pop Art twist.

Vanitas meditated on themes of life, death and mortality through symbols from everyday life. This sombre art form has been given the Andrea Moore treatment for SS14 as archaic symbols are translated into icons of pop and lush deep florals are given a flirty twist.

As with every Andrea Moore collection, signature prints feature heavily. Strong, iconic graphics inspired by the Vanitas style are imbued with a pop sensibility. Stars, hearts and the beautiful red lips featured in the ‘Kiss Me’ print dance across classic shapes such as pencil slim pants, fitted bombers and perfect party dresses.



Colour is another Andrea Moore given, and this season cobalt blues pop, pure reds shine, neon yellow makes a statement and...
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