New Electronic Cigarette Technologies from BAT

New Electronic Cigarette Technologies from BAT

British American Tobacco is a famous cigarette manufacturer in the world. They are known on the tobacco market for their qualitative cigarette brands as Dunhill cigarettes, Lucky Strike cigarette brand or Kent cigarettes.

CN Creative increases, produces and puts up for sale electronic “Intellcig” brand of cigarettes as a tobacco free option of smoking process in 24 worldwide markets, and includes its own R&D place in the North West of England.

The sum of money of which the Manchester-based company was acquired wasn’t revealed. The reports guessed that British American Tobacco has paid tens of millions of pounds for it. The principal director of business and dealings at BAT is Kingsley Wheaton. He affirmed that their center business is in the present and will also be in the future in tobacco. But in the same time they said that they will look for other smoking options that are considered to be safer, as their smokers are asking for it.  

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