AC Speed Sensor Install

AC Speed Sensor Install

AC Speed Sensor Install


The AC speed sensor measures the speed of the compressor and the engine. The air conditioning amplifier compares the speed of the compressor and engine, to prevent the compressor from locking down. The AC speed sensor is otherwise called as a lock-up sensor. It is usually located in the rear or bottom of the compressor.


Many aftermarket AC compressors do not come with a speed sensor. In such cases, you need to install the AC speed sensor from the old compressor. The following steps explain the installation of the AC speed sensor installation from an old compressor to a new compressor.



When the original (old) compressor has a speed sensor, reuse the original sensor from the old compressor by following these simple steps:


1. Remove the sensor hole cover and pull out the plug using the Plug Remover Ring (supplied)...
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