9 reasons Why you can’t trick Google

9 reasons Why you can’t trick Google

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I read most of the big marketing forums regularly  and every few days there is a “new” link scheme which “works” or success story of how somebody tricked Google algorithms,  ranked a website at page 1 and made a quick fortune. I hate that. These people just try to fool the less experienced users to waste their time pursuing short-term success. They buy shady link building services and get severe penalties soon enough.

The Truth is you can deceive Google for a while (much harder lately) but sooner or later you will pay for it.

Don’t get excited


#1 Google has humongous computing power

Have a look what they have got

What is Google’s total computational capacity?

Just an asumtion about how many servers they have

I am not an engineer, for me it is simple mathematics. Average blackhatter use his computer or VPS server.  If we compare an average computer to...
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