A closer look at Karan Johar

A closer look at Karan Johar

Siddharth  Malhotra  will soon make an appearance in yet another film by Karan Johar, an untitled action-adventure movie. For the film, the Dharma Productions chief has teamed up with UTV and has also roped in Remo D’Souza to develop the film. An industry insider recently revealed, “Although the details are being kept under wraps, the genre will be similar to that of the hit Hollywood film franchise, The Fast and the Furious. Siddharth’s role will be very different from how he was seen in SOTY.”

Siddharth Malhotra

From what we’ve learned, this film is somewhat inspired by The Fast and The Furious franchise. The film will include fast cars, lots of action and of course, scores of pretty women! “Remo, Karan and his team are constantly meeting and working on the script. It’s too early to reveal anything, but all we can say is that the action will revolve around cars,” says a source. Remo said, “The film will go on the floors by year-end.”

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