Pet Care: How to Take Proper Care of Your Cattle

Pet Care: How to Take Proper Care of Your Cattle

The amount of care and protection required by cattle vary from one location to another. It is always important to prepare and implement a comprehensive cattle handling plan based on the weather and climatic conditions of your area. In addition to meeting their dietary and health needs, you also need to keep their living environment clean and comfortable. Also, you must concentrate on some simple points to take adequate care of your cattle.

Dietary Needs: As the stomachs of your cattle have four chambers, it becomes essential to provide them with adequate diet and nutrition. Normally, their dietary needs can be met by providing adequate hay and pasture. Also, you can consider feeding them grain as grain is high in energy.

However, you must decide the amount of feed required to keep your cattle healthy based on the animal’s weight. It is recommended that you must feed about 2% of the animal's body weight in dry matter on a daily basis. The hay, pasture or grains...
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