Autumn in Oklahoma

Autumn in Oklahoma

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to give gifts during the holiday season. Not only is it beneficial to keep your skin looking impressive during the sluggish winter months but also it is a great gift for busy gardeners and cooking enthusiast friends.

For starters lemon is a very clean scent that takes yucky smells off of your hands in the kitchen. Put a jar of this by the kitchen sink to remove scents such as fish and onions.

In addition, the sugar gets tough dirt off of your hands and nails. A busy day in the garden can lead your hands to cracking being submerged in dirt and water all day. Give this to your gardener friend for a gentle exfoliant that leaves your hands smooth.

The recipe:

1 cup sugar

1-2 lemons

1/4 cup olive oil

How simple and natural! 

I take some of the lemon rind by using a cheese grater and rubbing some of the rind off and set into a bowl.

 1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup...
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