Each person buys deer antlers for a distinct reason. Some people use antlers to makes lamps, knife handles and chandeliers, whereas others use these to mimic a fight between two deer for a female. Also, many people buy antlers to avail the medicinal benefits of deer velvet. Despite lacking adequate scientific, many people love to use deer antler velvet to treat arthritis, impotence, inflammation and stress. If you are looking for authentic and high quality antler velvet, it is a good idea to buy the product directly. However, you must consider some simple ways to get bargain on these mounted or shed antlers.

Check the Color of Antlers:

The prices of deer antlers vary based on their colors. Normally, the browner antlers cost more in both mounted and shredded state. You can buy the antlers for cheap, if these are sun-bleached white. However, the antlers covered with natural velvet will require you to pay a high price. So you must decide their usage before checking the...
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