Atmospheric Water Generators, making water from air

Atmospheric Water Generators, making water from air

Atmospheric water generator (AWG)

As long as there is air, water can be formed.

NRG atmospheric water generators (AWG) had been around since 2005. From condensation, storage and purifying, our AWGs produce both hot and cold water. PLUS, The extraction of atmospheric water is now free of cost with NRG solar panels. Our AWG generates up to 5000litres of water per day. Our AWGs are sold widely in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Sold to Fisheries, farmers, homeowners, offices etc. We enjoy long term business relationships worldwide. Buy one now!

Why Choose Us?

- Lowest price gurantee!

- Money back Guarantee!

- Up to 5000litres of water/day!

- Prices from $900!

- Make water for free with solar option!

- Different capacity for different industries!

- Make much more money in our reseller & distributor program!

- Licenses and Patents available, even can be re-licensed to distributors and...
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