Helen Cherry

Helen Cherry

Helen Cherry Winter 15

The Helen Cherry Winter 15 collection brings together all the hallmarks of the brand – luxurious fabrics, impeccable tailoring and subtle sex appeal.

The Zip Cigarette Pant and Wool Crepe Jacket are back in classic black but are also invigorated in Lipstick Pink giving an electric pop of colour to the Winter collection. Pair the Wool Crepe Tee back with the Zip Cigarette Pant, Wool Culottes or Winter Shorts for a new simple yet modern silhouette.  

Nicole and Lydia Dresses are beautifully tailored options for the office in luxurious wool silk tweed and wool crepe while the fun and flirty Amberly Dress in a metallic wool blend and floor length Romy Dress in satin faille are perfect options for any evening occasion.

A beautiful array of silk blouses in ink, ballet, fuchsia, sheer ivory and leopard accented with delicate gold buttons add understated glamour, luxury and sex...
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