Sexy Barbara for Vogue Spain

Sexy Barbara for Vogue Spain

– February 10, 2013Posted in: Clothing

Hungarian model Barbara Palvin poses for the February issue of Spanish Vogue.

Beauty shoot with accessories Hunter & Gatti radiating sexiness and charm. The fashion brand offers chic accessories with gems, colorful bags and scarves band.

Retro hairstyle Palvin is by Paco Garrigues coiffeur and hottest erotic sight, bold eyeliner, Frank Garrett.

She is sexy, provocative and erotic her jets. Her innocence mixed in an interesting way with the open sexuality that is implied behind various accessories.

Do you know what is actually Barbara? This is the estimated hidden passion in the heart of teen idol Justin Bieber.

They were involved in a scandal after the iconic show of Victoria’s Secret at the end of last year. Rumor namely a drift of Bieber Palvin underlies his split with Selena Gomez.

After the show Model publish their photo on Twitter with the teen idol. Selena Gomez in turn posted...
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