San Diego Wedding Dj David Cutler | San Diego Event Dj

San Diego Wedding Dj David Cutler | San Diego Event Dj

Dj David Cutler has a passion for music, and it shows. Even before David could talk, it was well known that music gives him a joy that cannot be duplicated. In the early years, it started out with the beating of pots & pans. In the sixth grade, David was chosen to be the Disc Jockey at his upcoming St. Patrick's Day dance. After that day, all of his peers knew who they wanted as the DJ at their birthday parties, etc... David continued performing school dances & private parties throughout middle school, & high school.


When David started his freshman year of college, he was hired to work as a professional DJ/MC for a very successful Southern California Entertainment company. He learned a great deal about the industry while working for that company, so after a few years, he decided to go in business for himself. In early 2004, DJ David Cutler founded Hit It Music Productions, a San Diego based Mobile Disc Jockey company that specializes in Weddings, Corporate,...
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