Here’s a collection of the Victoria Fall 2013

Here’s a collection of the Victoria Fall 2013

– February 12, 2013Posted in: Clothing

If we look back in time and develop the style of Mrs Beckham, male fashion in women’s wardrobe would be the last thing you would ever connect the elegant and ultra feminine Posh.But the fifth anniversary of Victoria’s official entry to the elite of the fashion business is a celebrated collection inspired by androgenizam and raw sex appeal.

Victoria Beckham line was presented yesterday during the fashion week in New York, the fashion show itself was held at the public library.

The first line to the podium were two of the greatest friends and critics of Britain, namely her husband David and guardian of fashion bible Vogue Anna Uintor.

The show presented inspired by Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo that Victoria had changed and enriched makes adding sleeves slit. On top of that, her interpretation tuxedo showed how this can be turned into a super stylish coat.

The colors are not foreign to the designer and her...
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