How to Get your Rave Makeup Right

How to Get your Rave Makeup Right

1 Feb

Makeup for raves shouldn’t look too organized. Keep it a little messy and over the top. Here are a few tips on how to get your rave makeup right.

Color blending

Splash some colors on your eyes. Two and three color blending is a great way to make the eyes look bold and interesting. Mix and match, you can go for 2 different colors or to be on the safe side opt for similar color tones.

Fun Designs

Bold and edgy make up looks awesome. Leopard prints and crazy shapes are very popular. You can draw fun and quirky shapes on your eyelids and around the eyes to add a cool twist to your rave look.

Lip appliqués

They are feisty and unique. Go for some lip appliqués to revamp your rave look. They stay intact for 6-8 hours. Applying a lip appliqué does not take much time. First measure the lip appliqué against your lips, then carefully trim it along the sides. Stick the sticky side onto your lips. Take a cotton ball dipped in water and...
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