The End

The End

The End

• 10,000+ owners • 120,000+ registered purchases

These are just two (cherry-picked) data points that give a little taste of Unioncy’s reach in its relatively short existence. It’s therefore a bit sad to share that the project has stopped.

The Story

The question of when Unioncy started can be discussed at length. Was it when we had the embryo of the idea while working on a different online project in Istanbul or was it when we wrote the first line of code? To keep things simple, let’s say it was back in February 2013. That’s when we first started working full-time on our idea of building a business around a digital platform that simplifies and enhances the owner experience.

Back then, we had already built a very basic prototype to test and validate the idea. After talking to different investors and accelerators, we decided to join Eleven, an accelerator which is based in Sofia and thus was close to us in Istanbul. A few months later, we...
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