Modern Italian food with Chef for you

Modern Italian food with Chef for you

I am personal chef, This is an opportunity to invite you to visit my new site My business is specialised in  the following services: -PERSONAL CHEF at private villas, chalets, on board yachts or private charters / i arrive in all the costumer destination .

- ITALIAN COOKING LESSONS AT HOME WITH DINNER INCLUDED THis is popular service, our tourists loves our Italian diet , I travel in  private villas, residence or accomodation the costumer need, If your guests are in Sardinia i collaborate with agency and private operators in fantastique summer venues.

-PRIVATE EVENTS , LUNCH OR DINNER AT HOME For a nice and interactive show cooking front of your guesta, they can enjoy the show and the food off course!!!  


Alessandra Manunza Loc. Sa Zicchiria CP266 09028 Sestu (CA) Italy MOBILE: +39.340.8624150 EMAIL:


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