Trends in glasses for spring / summer 2013

Trends in glasses for spring / summer 2013

Round sunglasses are all pop catwalks of fashion shows for Spring / Summer 2013. Small, medium and large round sunglasses are in the collections of Acne, Holly Fulton, Jil Sander, Matthew Williamson, Mara Hoffman Frames vary in colors and colors of glass. The round shape can be quite mild and gentle and rough, hard.

Glasses with strange shapes

Odd shaped glasses are a big hit for the upcoming season. Fendi, Versace, and Angelo Marani, offer various sunglasses in various bright colors and two-tone frames. They are interesting, a bit futuristic and definitely playful.

Marni, Prabal Gurung, Alberta Ferretti, and also showed some really cool shades that come in unusual shapes and frames feature an interesting design. Sunglasses Prabal Gurung have interesting metal frame and rectangular.


Weird sunglasses are really impressive. Wear them with thick hair, sleek hair and bright lips. Select the color of the frame as clothes.

Glasses “Cat...
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