Flash Lessons

Flash Lessons

In this tutorial you will find how to create your custom FLASH mouse icon and how to change the speed of cursor

1. Set the movie frame rate to 25 - I use it, because whith frame rate the animation is smooth.

Modify -> Document -> Frame rate: 25 -> OK

2. Create new movie clip which will be the cursor and draw your custom icon for the cursor. Name it "cursor_mc" (without the quotation marks)(the abbreviation "mc" came from "Movie Clip")

3. In the Properties panel set the instance name to "cursor_mc"

4. In the frame 1 paste the following code:

Mouse.hide();var speed:Number = new Number(20);cursor_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {this._x += this._xmouse/(20/speed);this._y += this._ymouse/(20/speed);};

5. Test your project.

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