The Garden Stamp - Stop Plotting. Start Planting.

The Garden Stamp - Stop Plotting. Start Planting.

Stop plotting. Start planting.


 - Toss that yardstick! Make efficient use of planting space without measuring. Easy Dot Planting Guide included.


 - Reduce waste. Flat bottom holes make it easier to see where seeds have been placed.


 - Sturdy milk crate plastic construction means Garden Stamp is easy to handle for gardeners of all ages and abilities.


 - Great for your school, community, allotment, homestead, senior center, rural backyard or urban rooftop garden.

The Garden Stamp is a one foot square, pegged garden tool with a generous handle. It imprints a distinct pattern in soft soil, making it easier to plant vegetable, herb and flower seeds with consistent spacing.

The Garden Stamp...
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