Cheap Hotels Delhi|Budget Hotels Delhi|Cheap Hotel India

Cheap Hotels Delhi|Budget Hotels Delhi|Cheap Hotel India

Amenities Wi-Fi- Free

Wi-Fi is available in the room and the lobby areas.


Reception is manned 24 hours by our friendly and efficient guest relations team who offer a full knowledge of New Delhi and can provide essential tips on where to go and what to see.

Business Services

A fax and photocopying service is available at reception for a small charge.

Travel desk

We will be happy to arrange taxi for the day or to a specific destination for you. All your air ticketing requirements will be efficiently taken care of by our sister concern TRAVELEASE - an IATA travel company

Car Parking

There is ample arrangement for car parking in the hotel. Guards are on duty all 24 hours to secure the vehicles.

All meals are prepared fresh in our...
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