How to Detox from Alcohol at Home

How to Detox from Alcohol at Home

How to Detox from Alcohol at Home

The following points of information on home alcohol detox are prepared under the supervision of Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist Dr Bruce Trathen MBBS MRCPsych, and Senior Addictions Therapist David Goodlad FRSPH MA Dip. MBACP (Snr. Accred) UKRC NCAC CADC.


Accessing reliable and accurate information on home alcohol detox can be confusing and time consuming. Triage Advisors are here to help you make fully informed and accurate decisions. Call 0845 370 0203.

The first stages of alcohol detox

All treatment for physical alcohol dependence starts with detoxification from alcohol. Alcohol Detox usually means prescribing medication to alleviate alcohol withdrawals. Alcohol Detox can be carried out at home or in a residential alcohol rehab. For Home Alcohol Detox an initial assessment of Alcohol Dependence is required to ascertain suitability for this type of service. Alcohol withdrawal can be life threatening in some...
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