Carmel Vacation Bungalow Rental | Pine Waves Carmel Rental

Carmel Vacation Bungalow Rental | Pine Waves Carmel Rental


"Thanks Jim and Diane for having us over, after all the last minutes changes that I did. Your place was just amazing and we had a spectacular weekend. I think the pictures doesn’t do the justice, your place is way more beautiful than it looks in the pic.The minute we walked in we felt like we were home and everything was so clean which I loved it. Every small thing that we could possibly think of was their in the house. I would highly recommend this place to everyone!!"

Nishali J.

"Dear Diane and Jim, While we have stayed at your bungalo several times in the past and have enjoyed it tremendously, this last time was better than ever. You did a great job on the remodel. The place looks so fresh and clean. The bed and bath are cozy and comfortable. The addition of windows in the living area enhanced the view from that area. Everything looks fantastic. As usual, the views are glorious. We always enjoy the restaurants you recommend…we’ve never had a bad meal;...
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