Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Diamond grinding is a technique that corrects imperfections on surfaces such as concrete. Grind and Seal concrete grinding restores supreme smoothness by removing surface irregularities. Common irregularities in concrete surfaces occur during construction, or by wearing down over time. As well as providing a much smoother, aesthetically pleasing surface, concrete grinding reduces noise and improves safety.

Professional surface preparation by Grind and Seal reduces uneven areas of concrete floors, smooths concrete ripples, and removes surface lippage. We can create a perfect surface for a new flooring option, surface, or sealant.

Preparation Grinding

Prep grinds are often performed in a commercial space for shop fitouts, or end of lease, they are done often to remove existing concrete coatings or glue removal from carpet. Once the prep grinding has been complete you have a flat fresh surface ready for any new flooring choice.

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