Auckland Fencing and Property Improvement Experts - Fence Force

Auckland Fencing and Property Improvement Experts - Fence Force




Construction Experts!

Yes, we're fencing experts, but that's not all we do.  Our qualified and experienced team of builders undertake a wide range of general construction projects, and can do almost anything!  

ANNOUNCEMENT - We're excited to announce that thanks to a partnership with SHRINKFORCE® we're now able to offer a high quality shrink-wrapping service in conjunction with our other building services.  That allows us to ensure that unpredictable (or plain awful!) weather does not cause unnecessary delays or costs on your projects. 

All Fence Force projects in Auckland are supervised by a Licenced Building Practitioner with considerable experience in a wide range of building projects as well as specific fencing expertise.  This means you get professional design and building skill right through the project from start to finish, ensuring you that you not only get the result you want, but that you also have confidence that your...
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