Software Applications for Changing Times

Software Applications for Changing Times

Summary All markets evolve, technology markets on the other hand don’t just evolve, they get transformed according to the changing requirements of the market as well as the availability of new tools and technologies. Even though we may be using the same tools to develop market ready software today as we did a few years back, yet the way we used these tools have been transformed over the years. In today’s world, just building applications which work are no longer enough, clients/partners/users are also interested in the look and feel of the final solution. The changing tastes of consumers have forced offshore software companies to deploy and utilize new technologies designed to fulfill the changing requirements of clients. Following are some of the recent software development trends, which have taken the market by storm.

Increased Use of CSS3 and HTML5

As exceptional looks and user experience (UX) have become a priority in case of new applications, using CSS3 and...
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