What Do Tadpoles Eat

What Do Tadpoles Eat

Learn About Tadpoles and What They Eat.

The name “tadpole” comes from the English word tad for a “toad,” and poll for “head.”  In general, a tadpole is a young frog developing in its larval stage that lives in water. Tadpoles like to eat small insects and meal worms, states a high school biology text chapter about amphibians and reptiles. In addition, the text book also states that hungry tadpoles like to eat each other.

There is a sure sign that your tadpoles are hungry is when your tadpoles begin to disappear. Thus, the guidance — when asked what do tadpoles eat — is to feed these future frogs such things as lettuce and boiled spinach.

Tadpoles are viewed as very little creatures that need lots and lots of care if they are to develop into frogs.  The guidance from one tadpole owner online is to make sure to keep your tadpole tank filled with lots of clean water. This tadpole expert also noted how tadpoles can dirty a tank of water in just a day or two. The expert...
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