Accommodation in Goa, Budget & Cheep Accommodation Goa

Accommodation in Goa, Budget & Cheep Accommodation Goa


Goan Village Resort brings forth its customers luxury suite accommodation in Goa near the famous North Goa beaches. The Resort offers a total of The Goan Village Resort offers a total of 28 rooms classed as deluxe and suit rooms. Each of the rooms boasts a world of plushness and ultimate luxury that offers the most opulent stay to travelers in Goa. Equipped with all the latest amenities like as air-condition, LCD TV, fridge, tea/coffee-maker and hairdryer and so on, a stay at these places will never let you halfway house with your luxurious needs. As one steps offered inside the room, they experience a heavenly experience like never before. The ground floor rooms are provided with bed rooms as well as private balcony that ensure seclusion.

Deluxe Room :-

Each of the rooms have lined up some of the most contemporary facilities like Wi-Fi, air-condition, tea/coffee-maker, mini refrigerators, LCD TV, hairdryer as well as attached bathroom....

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