Music is my hot hot sex!: Discoveries: Buraka Som Sistema

Music is my hot hot sex!: Discoveries: Buraka Som Sistema

ZOMG! I guess I've been spend the last few years in a deep sleep as just today I got to hear this great Portuguese/Angolan group called Buraka Som Sistema, which have worked together with M.I.A. on the track "Sound of Koduro", which is included in both their first LP "Black Diamond" and Mathangi's re-release of "Kala". Apart from this song they have plenty of other amazing dance stuff, which is actually stylistically defined as a renewed version of kuduro, an Angolan dance. Don't think that Buraka Som Sistema make ethno music, despite the inspirations they draw from Brazilian, Portuguese and Angolan cultures. They are a fine cheerful electronic act that fuses elctropop, techno, baile, grime, underground hip-hop and nevertheless lots of fun.

You can listen to their stuff here: From Buraka to the World (EP) or "Black Diamond"(LP)

Do no forget to prelisten the albums and if you have liked them to support the band by buying their releases or go their concerts!

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