North Cyprus hotels and holidays in North Cyprus

North Cyprus hotels and holidays in North Cyprus

Discover North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has often been described as 'the Mediterranean of your childhood' and that phrase sums up the peace, serenity and sheer natural beauty of almost forgotten backwater of the Levant. Whilst most of the Mediterranean has succumbed to the excesses of mass tourism, North Cyprus is one of the few places where tourism fits in with the environment, rather than the other way round.

  Cradled amongst three Mediterranean continents Northern Cyprus depicts a wonderful fabric interwoven with threads of unforgettable history, breath taking scenic beauty and warm Mediterranean hospitality. Indeed, words seem to fall short while talking about a North Cyprus Holiday; its so fascinating that they say that the air here smells of jasmine and honeysuckle! Acting as a playground for the British for many years, Holidaying in Cyprus will offer your senses a rare blend of perfect Mediterranean climate, rich archeological inclusion, uninterrupted sunshine and...
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