Новина от 14.04.2015

Новина от 14.04.2015

QROPS Pensions - How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

If you have a UK Personal or Company frozen pension and you are now living overseas, you need to take a look at QROPS. To give it its full title, a Qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme, QROPS transfers have been around since 2006 when they were forced on the UK government by one an EU directive.

New rules came in on April 6, 2012 meaning new QROPS plans can no longer be established in Guernsey by anyone other than Guernsey residents. Existing holders of Guernsey QROPS are not affected. QROPS can still be established in other jurisdictions, and continue to offer major advantages to expatriates wishing to take control of their own financial affairs and secure their retirement.

For more details on the background to the changes, click here or contact us.

IF YOU Intend to live abroad or are already resident abroad and have a UK PERSONAL or COMPANY pension plan (QROPS does NOT cover the transfer...
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