San Diego DUI Lawyer | DUI Attorney in San Diego, CA

San Diego DUI Lawyer | DUI Attorney in San Diego, CA

Aggressive San Diego DUI Lawyer Latest Case Results (Since October 2014)

.13 Breath BAC -- Wet Reckless .17 Blood BAC with Accident – Wet Reckless No License Suspension Driving on a Suspended License – Dismissed Federal DUI – Dismissed Wrong Way Driving -- Dismissed


If you or a loved one have been arrrested in San Diego for a DUI or DWI, please pick up the phone and contact us immediately. Within 10 days of your arrest your license will be suspended if you do not request a hearing and stay of suspension. That's where we will help!

At the law offices of Jesse Adriance all we do is DUI. Every case is handled professionally, aggressively and with precise attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our excellent DUI dismissal rates and not guilty verdicts.

Our firm enjoys a reputation of excellence in San Diego for quality trial skills and aggressive representation provided on behalf of our clients. Because our firm...
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