All About Telescopic Ladders: What You Need to Know

All About Telescopic Ladders: What You Need to Know

Telescopic ladders are clever devices that have found favour with tradesmen and DIYers alike. Each section of the ladder has strong but hollow stiles that fit neatly into section below it, collapsing the ladder into a manageable size for storage and transport. Most come with a handy carry bag to protect the ladder when not in use. They’re also made from aluminium, which is both light in weight and strong. Many models feature an extra-wide stabiliser bar and rubber feet for extra stability and safety. When shopping for a telescopic ladder, look for one that’s fully certified to conform to the latest EN131 European standard. Read on to learn about some telescopic ladder models we’re quite partial to.

More About Telescopic Ladders

We appreciate the versatility of telescopic ladders and see them employed in many professions, including surveyors, building trades, businesses and private homes. A telescopic ladder can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s wise to choose one...
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