D.S.F – Private Thoughts (Original Mix) + Interview - MixMan - Блогосфера

D.S.F – Private Thoughts (Original Mix) + Interview - MixMan - Блогосфера

KLKM: What is you name, age, where do you live?

DSF: My name is Hernan dos Santos, I’m 28 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


KLKM: What do you do for living?

DSF: I work as an economic consultant for the Port of Buenos Aires.

KLKM: When was the Private Thoughts track made, how did you come up with it? And does Toni Braxton know about it?

DSF: Private Thoughts is the first track I ever made. I had been listening to deep house/nu disco for some time. Then I heard Ricky Smiley from ColeCo sampling Brandy and I decided I could do something of that style. I published it on my soundcloud page, who had almost no followers at the time, around early December of last year.

I didn’t expect much from it, as it was made for fun. I found later it was all over the web, sometimes with a (Love Mix) at the end that somebody, I don’t know who, wrote. It’s the same track. And no, I don’t think Toni Braxton knows about it. It would be awesome if...
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