Much Ado About Facebook's News Feed

Much Ado About Facebook's News Feed

The web is alive with reactions since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s impending News Feed redesign last week, which will be rolled out slowly like Timeline was. First, let me just say that there’s nothing to worry about. If Facebook provides a viable marketing avenue for your business, then it should continue to do so, as long as you use it to its fullest potential. But that goes without saying for any marketing effort, regardless of system updates.

Check out this short video for an overview of the changes:

Yeah, Facebook tends to make things a little more flowery than they need to be, but you get the point.

The changes aren’t super monumental, in my opinion. Here’s a quick recap of what’s soon to come for Facebook’s News Feed feature.

Less Clutter

The new News Feed will have a much cleaner format. Currently, the News Feed takes up a somewhat narrow-ish strip of space in the middle of the page. To the left there is a cluttered navigation...
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