Aluminum fence installation tips

Aluminum fence installation tips

Aluminum fence installation tips

Question from a recent aluminum fence shopper planning for his project:

We are installing a gate at the sidewalk next to our house. The sidewalk itself has a slight grade incline up from the gate. How do we deal with this issue when installing an aluminum gate?

Our answer:

Here are the potential solutions:

1. Have the gate open out and away from the incline in the opposite direction.  (Gates are universal and can swing in either direction unless prohibited by code, which may be the case if this is a pool project.)

2. Set the gate and the fence higher off grade – just enough to not scrape.

3. Narrow the width of the gate so that it’s reach into the grade incline is minimized.

4. Order a gate slightly shorter than the adjacent fence. The top will then correspond to the adjacent fencing, but the bottom will not. (This will be more obvious with a flush...
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