A Baby Girl (Audrina Cardenas) Born with her Heart outside - Incrediblez

A Baby Girl (Audrina Cardenas) Born with her Heart outside - Incrediblez

Audrina Cardenas, a baby girl who was born October 15, 2012, with a rare genetic deformity known as "ectopia cordis", in which part of the heart grows outside the chest. This condition affect for one person out of 8 million people in the world and nine patients out of 10 patients who affected this condition was dying in birth or after the first three days of birth. But showing a miracle this baby girl survived after the unbelievable six-hour, open-heart surgery the day after Audrina's delivery conducted by multidisciplinary team of surgeons in Texas Children's Hospital,  where they reconstructed her chest cavity to make space for the one-third of her heart that was outside of her body.

Audrina wearing a pink chest shield made by doctors because the heart doesn’t protected by the breastplate and surrounding tissue and exposed to the outside world is very vulnerable to infections. Cardenas's mother Ashley Cardenas told that she knew about her daughter's condition when...
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