Albatros Travel – Ukraine

Albatros Travel – Ukraine

Albatros Travel company offers a full range of services in the sphere of business tourism in Ukraine. Our staff is a team of experts with fresh ideas, creativity and great experience of well done tasks. They are professionals which deserve the trust of any clients. Speaking about offering the best service, we guarantee an extreme attention even to the smallest details.

Our service list includes: - discounted accommodation at the hotels in main cities of Ukraine and CIS - lease of conference halls and boardrooms - technical equipment rent (projectors, public address systems, equipment for simultaneous translation) - professional interpreters service - assistance in elaboration of the plan and strategy of the event - transport services - organisation of excursions and any cultural programmes - catering service (buffets, banquets, corporate dinners, coffee-breaks) - etc. LOOKING FOR SERVICE? HERE IT IS!

Contacts: tel +38 044 495 56 70 fax +38...
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