The future of building is green

The future of building is green

Last week, Sofia Airport Center has received a prestigious Prix d’Excellence Award – Bulgaria 2013, given by the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). This is the first LEED certified commercial building in Sofia, but there's also a couple of new buildings in Bulgaria with BREEM and DGNB certificate, says Mr. Alan D. Levy, chairman of Tishman International Companies.

By Danail Alekov Mr. Levy, your company won award in Prix d’Excellence Awards - Bulgaria 2013. What does it mean to you? It’s gratifying to see that all the hard work of our people is recognized. If you build something better and something that is pleasing to the eye, somewhat different, but very functional and useful, and it’s recognized as a good accomplishment I think it’s a good tribute to our people who have worked very hard to make it happen.

How did you decide to build Sofia Airport Center? In Los Angeles we have developed what we call Tishman Airport Center - It’s a very...
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