Danish Kaneria: Pakistan & Essex spinner loses spot-fixing appeal

Danish Kaneria: Pakistan & Essex spinner loses spot-fixing appeal

Former Pakistan and Essex bowler Danish Kaneria has lost his appeal against being found guilty of spot-fixing.

However an appeal over the leg-spinner's life ban in Britain, imposed by the England and Wales Cricket Board, is still to be heard.

A cricket discipline commission upheld the ECB's ruling that the 32-year-old was guilty of two corruption charges.

Spot-fixing timeline February 2009: Essex play Durham in a 40-over match February 2012: Mervyn Westfield is jailed for four months, of which he served two, for spot-fixing in that game. During the trial Danish Kaneria was accused of applying "pressure" on Westfield to underperform for money April 2012: Westfield and Kaneria are charged by the ECB for "alleged breaches of anti-corruption directives" June 2012: Kaneria receives lifetime cricket ban while Westfield is suspended for five years ...
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