Distance Healing for Pets

Distance Healing for Pets

More About Our Company

Healing for Pet is an online store that specializes in Reiki distance healing for pets.

It works well in pair with your holistic veterinary.

Any pet and animal can benefit from this Reiki healing.

This without leaving the comfort of their home.

And you can choose the best hours for the Reiki treatment.

With Reiki distance healing sessions  you can:

Maintain the optimum state of health for your pet.

Speed up the pet’s physical recovery.

Bring extra care in the pre or postoperative process.

Heal emotional and behavioral issues for your pet.

What is Reiki for pets?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “the energy of the Universe”.

With pets that receive this Reiki healing energy their vitality and speed of recovery greatly improves.

Reiki works well with any veterinary treatment bringing extra support for your pet.

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