Buy a Skoda Rapid and Get Fabia Free after Five Years

Buy a Skoda Rapid and Get Fabia Free after Five Years

The news has come out from the middle is that the Czech car maker, Skoda India will bring their phased out company's flagship hatchback, Fabia in 2014. Skoda Fabia has been phased out by the company but now company feels the heat of getting the success of other car manufactures in the hatchback segment. Earlier the rumor was that company will developed Fabia on the platform of Volkswagen MQB but now it has been clear that the model will not use the famous MQB platform.

According to the Dr. Frank Welsch, Skoda head of development said, “We’ve been planning the Fabia alongside the Rapid and Octavia, so it will not change too much in terms of size. “It will get a totally new design, with optimised proportions, so it will be slightly wider and lower and more attractive, but it will stay a very compact car.”

The next generation Skoda Fabia will be slightly wider and lower than the current existing model. The vehicle will be a compact hatchback and will target the mass...
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