How to Extend Android Smartphone Battery Life

How to Extend Android Smartphone Battery Life

Android smartphones are quite popular these days and is growing rapidly, but the major concerned with the Android operating system is the high battery consumption. Many Android users frequently bewail the battery life of many Android smarphones. Android smartphone battery consumption can be controlled and saved by implementing some of the suggestions below.

1. Change device settings. Data, Wi-Fi and GPS services are one of the deepest battery drain funtions. Whenever your device send or receive data from the Internet or via GPS, it uses a significant amount of battery power. You can help to extend battery life by optimizing your phone settings.

Whatever is not needed or in used, you can turn it off. We do the same for electric fan, TV, or the lights at home - I think. Turn off the phone functions you do not use. especially the following: GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and mobile network connection, Bluetooth and NFC.

Screen brightness also uses a large amount of...
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