LG KG130 Silver Unlocked: Price, Reviews, Specification : Cellhut.com

LG KG130 Silver Unlocked: Price, Reviews, Specification : Cellhut.com

 The KG130 boasts a vibrant colour screen, an easy to use interface, intuitive, well placed buttons, a VGA camera and an uncompromising design. With features like theses the KG130 is a no nonsense, compact fashion handset

Simplicity at your fingertips  Designed for ease of use, the KG130 features a well laid out keypad with easy access buttons and a clear and vibrant screen to display the intuitive user interface.

Digital Camera * Take photos up to 640 x 480 in resolution using the KG130's built in VGA camera. * 4X digital zoom. * 6 time multi-shot. The KG130 takes up to 6 photos in quick succession. * 10 second timer. * White balance and effects settings. * With support for Photo ID, assign photos taken with the KG130 to show you who's calling! * Either send a photo to someone immediately with MMS it or keep it in the phones' photo album

Light and compact * Weighing in at just 76g, including the battery, the lightweight KG130...
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