Famagusta hotels and holidays in Famagusta

Famagusta hotels and holidays in Famagusta


Famagusta Holidays

The town is home to the fabulous Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, as well as countless other historical treasures. Some of Northern Cyprus' best, and quietest, beaches are close by and a stay here is ideal as a base from which to explore the wild and unspoiled beauty of the Karpas Peninsula - a place where you are more likely to come across a few wild donkeys than other holidaymakers! It is possible to visit Famagusta and the Karpas Peninsula in a day from the Kyrenia region, but better to spend more time here, or combine the two areas with our 'Tale of Two Cities' Tour.

This is an area of truly outstanding natural beauty, where it is possible to drive for hours without seeing another car. As well as villages seemingly frozen in time, the Karpas offers mile after mile of open countryside and deserted beaches. Venture north from Famagusta during your holiday, and sited on the coast a few miles away, you will find the Ruins of Salamis. The capital...
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