Best Video Game Repair In Las Vegas

Best Video Game Repair In Las Vegas

Video Game Repair


Video Game Repair has been offering Xbox repair, Xbox One, PS3 repair, PS4 repair Wii repairs, Computer repairs with free no obligation estimates for the last 10 years. Video game repairs starting at only $30.00 and up.We cannot diagnose your Xbox repairs, Ps3 repairs, Wii repairs, Computers or TV without evaluating the unit in our shop. In many cases we can beat Microsoft's / Sony's / Samsung's / LG service pricing and all the other manufacturers also.


We will work on upgraded, altered, and previously opened Xbox 360's, Xbox Ones / PlayStation / PS3's / PS4's which Microsoft / Sony will not service under any circumstances. The less the unit has been tampered with, the greater the likelihood of an inexpensive repair. In addition to often being less expensive and always more flexible than other service options.

Video Game Repair proves its commitment to quality, value, and service to the gaming community by making every...
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