Beach Holidays | Beach Honeymoon | Beach Resort Holidays

Beach Holidays | Beach Honeymoon | Beach Resort Holidays

About Us

Destination Travel Services Pvt. Ltd. has been in service for the past twenty one years. We are fully accredited and a financially secure agency situated in the heart of New Delhi, India., an initiative of Destination Travel Services Pvt. Ltd., is the first of its kind in India, Offering exclusive beach vacation ,beach destinations ,beach holidays ,beach honeymoon and beach getaways packages from india.

We have negotiated with the suppliers, to provide you with significant savings. A detailed website has been compiled to satisfy even the most particular traveler. Browsing through the web pages you will find a travel guide to popular beach destinations as fiji, maldives, seychelles, tahiti,bahamas,bora bora,hawaii, mauritius and many other palces, fitting all budget ranges, as well as all the necessary particulars about the place itself. This website is specifically designed keeping the already ‘beach lovers’ in...
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